welcome to ptero planet
We believe in crypto & Web3! 1 Pterodactyl = 1 Ethereum
We all know that the asteroid ended the age of the dinosaurs … but guess what?
The great pterodactyls left the planet Earth long before that!
They moved to the planet Pteros where they were able to build a progressive ptero community!
Now each pterodactyl has its own NFT token and is ready to show humanity its unique life in the metaverse.
Our story is hidden. But we could share our secret with you.
…tsss, click on the planet.
This is where the construction of the Ptero Community in the SandBox will begin. Location: 11, 12
A place where all Pteros are welcomed. A place where you'll meet your Pteros mates.
13 plots next to the left side of Dragon City and below the iconic Decentraland letters
As soon as Meta launches its metaverse, Pterodactels will be among the first to create their own clan there! Owners of Pteros will be able to fully experience the functionality of the long-awaited metaverse with their birds
We will buy land in Metaverses. Guess who will be our co-owner? You!
You will get the acces to the Land.
A place where all Pteros are welcomed.
A place where you'll meet your Pteros mates. Ready for Metaverse
Our 3d models ready for the metaverve, so are WE!
When Meta (horizon lands) Decentraland & SandBox has concrete requirements, our 3d models will be ready for the metaverve.

Road Map 2022
After the public sale, we begin to develop a mobile game. It will be something amazing!
Gues who will receive money from in-game donate? )
We will promote the game on AppStore & Play Market
(it's even scary to imagine if the game gets into the tops)
Bring your ptero to your world with a help of ar technologies!
Your ptero will be closer to you and your "real" world through instagram ar technologies. You can 'touch' or even see it flying in the room. You should try it in the backyard though
Your 3d model will always be relevant in the metaverses. Spend time in the lands of the pterodactyls, where the owners will have all sorts of privileges
11 000 New Pterodactyls will be waiting for their owners
Be one of the first investors for 56 unique Pterodactyls and get 0.1% from all trades
Ar Masks
Ptero Radio
Pteros also shared their playlist
Pterodactyls are ready and waiting for their owners
Land in MetaVerse
3d model
The purpose of the Pterodactels is the constant development of the project and the community, giving value to each Pteros! Our common task is that the pteros grow so much that they can fly to the Web 3.0 galaxy to explore the metaverses, create games, ar technologies and much more
What stage is the project at?
At the stage of alpha sale
How can I get a Perodactyl?
You can buy on the OpenSea or try your luck in giveaway
What are the benefits of Alpha holders?
The holders of the first 56 pteros will receive 0.1% of the total volume! Private investor chat, participation in project development.
What awaits the holders in the Metaverses?
Access to the Pteros Clan lands, free stuff, participation in events!
How can i use my 3d model?
You can use them in your designs or as skins for various games! You can get it in any format you require
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