This special offer is valid only during the fair. You can send offers starting from 0.7 ETH on any of this 5 pterodactyls as you see above and we accept the first one.
Only this 5 pterodactyls, they can change at any moment
They usually refresh every......
Fortune Spin, another spot in our fair
Find it on this page and try your luck
There are various prizes, from free ETH to Pterodactyl

In line enter your Twitter acc, by which you take part in main Giveaway.
All alpha holders of Legendary Pterodactyls will have a special role in our "hide-and-seek" game which we will play soon with NFT community.

All info in Alpha chat in discord. See you soon.
Elusive Pterodactyl

Sometimes, somewhere on this page, stuntman Ptero flies by in his business.

Try to contact with him (click on him) and he will reward you with something he always has in his pockets, WL tickets, for example.

«BTW these will be the very first WL members.
We haven't opened access to WL yet, but this bustard finds tickets somewhere.

We remind you that Pre-Sale will be for WL members only.
Giveaway Rules:
✅ Follow Pterodactyls on Twitter and Instagram
✅ ReTweet giveaway post, and tag your 4 friends
You can find them in our Discord "Friends" chat.
If you win in our randomizer, each of you will receive Pterodactyl.
(friends must comply with all giveaway rules for receiving the prize)
✅ Join our Discord server, go to Giveaway chat and send us some of your favourite emojis.

Thats all. Giveaway will take place after the fair ends
When all alpha Pteros find their new Masters we will stop Fair and and will be drawing a prize (5 Pterodactyls) for a few days
And now have fun
We prepare lots of gifts and mind games) in our Fair.

Explore stations, join them all and don't miss any chance
5 Pterodactyls = 5 ETH
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